The Professor
Isaac A. Morton.
Philosophy, Latin.


         If someone doesn’t let me out of this damn bed in the next five minutes, I’ll stab someone in the eyeball.

…Which would be why they are keeping you in your confines, then.


Simon Baker - Making-of Gentlemen Only Intense  (X)

We know when he walks into a room without even seeing him.  It’s a vibe, an aura and an air of confidence that breezes by us and makes our heads spin.  We see him and, instantly, we want to know more about him.  He is the Givenchy Gentleman.

Givenchy captured the essence of the refined modern gentleman with the classic – Gentlemen Only fragrance. Today, Givenchy unveils his deeper, more sensual side with the hypnotic Gentlemen Only Intense. Seductive, sophisticated, alluring; Gentlemen Only Intense is all any man would want to exude and all every woman would want to experience. Simon Baker embodies this new intense fragrance in the second chapter of the Givenchy Gentlemen Only saga.

The making of Givency x

Jane checking if his fingers are still there

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"What? Sorry, that… That wasn’t me."


"Nobody else could have done it."

"I think you’re feeling things, mate. Couldn’t have been me."

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